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Are you searching for a cricket games in which you will get high quality career mode and free Premier League with the auction.
Would you like to play cricket a game in which you are getting high quality career mode then I will provide some information about a game which includes high quality career mode.
Today on this topic I will give various information about a old cricket mobile game world cricket battle 2.
As the name world Cricket Battle 2 offline, this is a offline but in its career mode you can’t play without internet connection.
On this post you will get information about world cricket battle 2 in such manner that first you will get history of the game ( origin, from where this game is originated; release date, platforms, developer and publisher name ), then after you will get review ( about the game, what is in game it’s mode, platform, series ), then you will get features of the game ( the game have will be given through this post ) afterwards you will get my opinion ( this will be in my words about this game how I am thinking about this game ) at the end you will get system requirements ( in which you get requirements for playing this game ).


World cricket battle 2 is developed and published by creative monkey games. World cricket battle 2 was released on 28 september 2018. This game is available on android and IOS devices only. World cricket battle 2 is a game of creative monkey games, from tamil nadu, chennai, India. creative monkey games had developed other games than world cricket battle 2, such as: world T20 cricket league, Haydos 380, cricket battle live, ludo emperor, cricket gangsta™ street league, speed moto trafic rider.


World cricket battle 2 is 3D cricket game with real cricket stadium, 60+Batting Shot, 10 Different Bowling Action & Unique Face. World cricket battle 2 is seriese of cricket game by creative monkey games
This game features my carrier mode means this game gives you oppertunity of starting players own cricket carrier journy until you will be retired from your nation’s team.
World cricket battle 2 features various tournaments such as the World Cup, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, Premier Leagues including the Indian T20 Premier League, Pakistan T20 Super League, Bangladesh T20 Premier League, Big T20 Bash Cricket & Clash Of Fans.
This game also features free T20 premier league auction, the player will become the owner of the franchise and will select player by biding on the player across the world. The players will go to that franchise who will bid on him higher.

Celebration after half century

Features of the game


  • Easy installation gta 5 download apk
  • Immersive gameplay in gta 5 download apk
  • High graphics
  • A deep and intricate story


  • Lags in low-end androids
  • Player can’t play online
  • Limited Missions
  • Limited controls
  • The game can be quite violent and may not be suitable for everyone

My opinion

In my opinion this game in this game you are getting so many things such as various game modes, free auction, amaging graphics, etc.


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