GTA 5 Terraform for android was developed by Terraform games. Thier are almost 5 to 6 version of this game, but this is the latest version, version 0.8.1,

I have played many GTA 5 android games for example beta version, fan made etc. but this GTA 5 Terraform apk is just awesome in graphics.nice.

My experience:

It doesn't have much missions but over all my experience with the game is pretty good.

The games size is 1.4GB which is pretty high but taking in mind of the graphic of the game this much size is fine. There are not many missions in this version of this game.

Game Size:

You will feel some lags in the games if you have installed it in a low-end android.


You will not see much NPC (Non Playable Character) in the game.

To install GTA 5 Terraform in your android you need to download the apk file so visit:

– GTA 5 torrent download link: – GTA 6 beta: – GTA 5 fan made: – GTA Terraform apk: – GTA San Andres: – GTA Vice City: