Today I will let you know about a fresh and new battle Royale game that is the copy version of free fire.

The name of the game is Sigma. This game is similar to free fire but the graphics are not same. This game graphics are cartoonistic. This Game is also suitable for low and device or mobile. To know more about this game please stay connected with by allowing the popup of sending notification to you. When we give any update and post new game information.

History of Sigma

This game name is Sigma.

This game is made by copying the source code of free fire. Sigma game is not available on Play Store you can download it from APK pure and many APK sources. This game was released on 24th November 2022. This game is not developed by any company this game is developed by a individual person. The size of the game is about 300 MB. we can also play this game on 1 GB RAM phone. This game requires very low system requirements to run that is the plus point of this game.

This game is similar to free fire but the difference between free fire and Sigma game is graphics. Overall Sigma game is very good game and it needs to improve graphics.

Features of this game

Name of the guns in this game are:-

  • M500
  • G18
  • USP
  • Desert Eagle
  • AWM
  • M82B
  • Scar
  • AK47
  • Pan
  • Katana
  • Bat
  • Parang
  • Grenade
  • Glue wall
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Flash fridge
  • M1887
  • M1014
  • MAG7
  • VSS
  • M14
  • SDV
  • Launcher

NOTE:- All the guns are same as free fire.


This is one of the best game for low and the device.

The controls of this game is very good and graphics are also good.

The Guns and the other thing are similar free fire and they good in firing and scope ing.

The best thing about this game is that we don’t need spend money to buy anything we simply need in game currency to buy or purchase any character gun skin or to a spin in event other side free fire needs to top up thousands of Diamonds purchase any character or two spin in event.

All the things that are in free fire are coming in Sigma game it is in progress.

So after 2022 this game will improve.

My opinion

According to my opinion this game is very good guns and other items and this game is best for low and device and.

Even children can also play this game and they will not what is parents for spending money in this game because this game any top up.

So you can download this game and enjoy this game.


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