Scary Teacher 3D


Scary teacher is a simulator game. We can assume that scary teacher means strict teacher, based on the name. The main characters of this game are one boy and an old woman lady. This game is also known as Khaufnak shikshika 3D.

The game was Featured by Z and K games, which released it on June 15-2017. In this game, there is one boy named Nick and the teacher’s name is Miss T. The boy wearing a red cap and a denim jacket and the teacher wearing a pink coat. In this game, several types of missions unlock according to our level.

When we select our first mission then we are dropped on a different map and Nick is our character. We have to enter the Teacher’s house and one thing we have to always keep in our mind is that we have to always hide from the teacher or Miss T eye contact the teacher’s house is like a big Haveli it has a garden, a swimming pool, and small transparent room and the very important thing about her house is that it has many secret rooms and bunkers and it has much entrance.

As part of the first mission, we will be given a Mouse Trap that must be kept under the newspaper. Several missions like this are available with different kinds of equipment like a stun gun, screwdrivers, shock machine, pens, shampoo, and pliers. On the left side, we can see the live footage of Miss T who is traveling in her house and we can complete our mission. When Miss T looked we have to run faster and hide anywhere or we have to get out of her house.

In this game, our character Nick is also losing his energy so in Miss T’s house, the energy drink can is hidden everywhere.

After completing every mission We get coins with these coins we can purchase different types of equipment for our next mission. All the missions are very easy to complete and the music of this game is a little horror.


  • Version- 5.26
  • Download size- 0.99GB
  • Required OS- Android 5.0 and up
  • In-app purchases- ₹70.00 to ₹2,450.00 per item


  • Version- 5.26
  • Download size- 1.2GB
  • Required os- ios 11.0 or above


As far as I am concerned, this is a very interesting and entertaining game. In the game, we can do anything with Miss T and this is very funny to irritate her. In fact, when this game is compared to real life, it is a very bad experience. We have not to do these dirty tricks on our teachers. Kids under the age of 5 shouldn’t play this game since they don’t know if what they are doing is right or wrong and the game contains many harmful actions.


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