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In previous article I have discussed about poppy playtime chapter 1 if you have not read please checkout that first and I have promised to publish an article on poppy playtime chapter 2 and how many of you like horror games comment down and keep supporting forever. So, lets begin.

History of game

Today I would like to talk about a most scary and horror game that is poppy play time chapter 2 download.

This game is divided in two chapters that is poppy play time chapter 1 and poppy playtime chapter 2. I have already discussed about poppy play time chapter 1 you have not read that please checkout it first then you can understand chapter 2. This game was developed by mob games Studio and it was released on 11th August 2022. In this game there is a toy factory named as play time.

The story behind this game is that there was a boy who lived with his parents. The boy not make human friends he always talk with his teddy that was given by his father. One day the boy insist his parents to go to fair that was organised in his city. When he was going with his family in his car then at the mid of the way his parents died in car accident because his parents were sitting on front seat and the boy was sitting on the back seat.

The boy also injured little. After that the boy was kept in orphange. In orphange he brought his teddy that was the last sign of his father. orphanage people decided to organised tour to visit a mall then the boy also went for tour then he saw a big toys shop with a big teddy that he wanted but the orphanage manager cannot afford because it was very expensive, then the boy decided to stand there and watched that teddy for 2 to 3 hours after that a girl came with her parents and purchased that teddy then the boy become very sad and he decided that when he become elder then he will open a toy factory but he will not make such type normal toys he will make a toy that can understand feeling and it can talk and when a child cry then it can make him laugh. I forgotten to tell that when the boy was kept in orphanage at that time he was just 4 years old.

When the boy reached the age of 20 years then he was able to take care of himself and he was discharged from orphanage and he came back to his home where he lived with his mother and father. The time was came to convert his dream into reality then he has started a toy factory named as play time and he has started gathering teams for the production. In his team there were five workers.

His dream was to make a toy that can understand the feeling of every child and it can talk and when a child cry then it can make him to laugh and when he will make the such type of toys then he will distribute this toys to every child of orphanage for free. Then he started working with his teams after some years and huge effort he successfully manufacture that toy but the toy was robotic it can sing and walk.

after thinking the boy wanted to reject this project and he thought that how he can make his dream toy. After thinking he decided to transfer a human spirit to a teddy then he started doing black magic on his team members and he successfully transferred their spirits to Teddy. one day all the workers of playtime factory where suddenly vanished from that time the playtime factory was closed. The spirit toy was named as poppy and in this play time factory there is a pink colour toy monster that was also made from devils spirit. The name of the toy Monster is Kissy Missy it is very huge in size and it is very scary. So, on this story the game name is poppy play time chapter 2.

In-game features and missions

In the poppy play time chapter 2. We have to escape from this playtime factory and we have to kill Kissy Missy forever.

In the first mission, we have to find a painting that has been displayed on your screen. In every room, there is a television that gives information and hands about our mission. During the first mission, we must create a grab pack using robotic or artificial hands.

We will first get Red Hand and blue hand that will tighten the straps. In a room, we will only get our blue hand. Different and have different powers.

System requirements
For mobile

Ram- 4GB or above
Memory- 1.01 GB
Processor- any gaming processor
Required OS- Android 5.0 and up

For PC

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
OS- Windows 10
Processor- Intel core i5
Memory- 8GB RAM
Graphics- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050/Radeon RX 580
Storage- 20 GB available space.


I love Poppy Playtime!! Definitely one of the best indie horror games similar to Bendy and the Ink Machine and FNAF Security Breach. In Chapter 1 Huggy Wuggy chases you in the vents in this epic chase scene!! Which is kinda scary but really cool! Besides that the game is mostly about solving puzzles. There are some dead toys with blood stains around the game and when you knock Huggy with the box he falls down and hits the pipes and leaves a blood stain.

Besides this the game is not violent and it’s not very gruesome. Puzzles are difficult but not too difficult, and the grabpack mechanic is awesome!! Chapter 2 review: Now that Chapter 2 is out I will update my review. Chapter 2 is definitely scarier than chapter 1. Everyone thought the vent chase with Huggy Wuggy was really scary, but the chase scene for chapter 2 with Mommy Long Legs is definitely scarier, as it is a lot harder to know what to do and where to go on your first playthrough.

Puzzles are definitely improved (puzzles in the first chapter were great but the ones in chapter 2 are more difficult but in a good way) The chapter goes for about 2 hours instead of 30 minutes which is great. The main thing parents need to look out for in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is that Mommy Long Leg’s death scene is actually pretty brutal. She gets ground up in a machine and her body spurts blood when she dies.

The death is much more intense and gruesome than chapter 1 Huggy Wuggy’s death. All this being said Chapter 2 is INCREDIBLE! In fact the whole game is incredible and I can’t wait for chapter 3!!

My point of view

According to my point of view this game is very a scary and adventurous I want to recommend that this game is for adults not for a small kids. overall this game is very good compared to granny but the bad thing about this game is that we have to pay some amount for playing this game in poppy play time chapter 1 and poppy play time chapter 2 both.

Download link for poppy play time

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