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With the advent of compact smartphones and the availability of premium games in the Play Store and App Store, mobile games are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is not surprising that many games are coming back to the market. The mobile gaming industry has received a huge boost since the release of PUBG mobile.

This article will cover all the basis to high knowledge with review, features, users review, and graphics. Apes Legends and will also cover some news about it, its mobile version, about the developers.

In Game

Apes Legends is a world wide most famous game which can be played(enjoyed) on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The developers of Apes Legends is trying to craft the game for android so that they can cover more user world-wide. The developer are quite fast as they already started testing the game via beta versions in Philippines and India. According to some newz reports iOS version can also be launched this year. Also there is a bad new that you can not play with PC gamers and console gamers as the game is gona set for mobile. Among the features of the mobile version of the game are a Battle Pass system, rewards, and weekly tournaments. In the Google Play Store, you can pre-register for the game developed by Respawn. Legends of Apex Mobile is now available to download.

More Info

Apex Mobile game was launched on May 16, 2022, just after the first released like 5 months later the game got 10,000,000+ downloads.


Strategic Gameplay with Iconic Legends

  • We are a team of strategers, tactical squad players, and Battle Royale enthusiasts!
  • Multiplayer action with exotic weaponry, equipment, and tactical capabilities including FPS, TPS, and combat action.
  • The guns that best fit your playstyle: SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs, and shotguns
  • In .order to survive, players must make fast-paced strategic decisions.
  • With the mobile version of the game, you can also choose from a cast of favorite Legends and exclusive characters.
  • Discover a Legend that suits an array of playstyles by mastering each character’s unique abilities and personalities.


The game graphics is been updating since from the first launch of the mobile version. As the game is newly launched for Android its graphics are not that much good but the developer are trying there best by giving updates of the game in every month and due to this, the game has to many bugs which users have reported on PlayStore. But the PC version of Apex Legend is very well compare to the mobile version hope the developer will try to decrease the bugs and higher the graphic shortly.

What players tell about it?

Rafael Kortum (with 5stars): The game is Apex, on mobile. Although it remains fairly faithful to the original game, it lacks some of its features, such as graphics and heirlooms. There are a lot of crashes in this game, and you’ll know when it is about to crash when the frames drop SIGNIFICANTLY, and then it crashes after about a minute of bad frames. My problem is that these happen quite often, so I have to rejoin frequently. I would appreciate a fix.

Chris Vydas (with 4stars): My criticism is that Battle Royale only has two maps and still needs more maps. The company/dev team deserve a lot of credit for putting it together so well. The UI is customizable, but there is no option to turn off any of the elements. Having resize and opacity as the only two options isn’t good enough. There should also be more options for ziplines. Remove the device vibration control permission, as well as the option to disable the vibrating device when starting a match.

John Peters (with 3stars): The game has been lag-prone. Overall, it’s a wonderful game. The graphics are awesome. Just a lot of lags. When the controller is connected to the game, the controller controls do not match. Pushing a certain button moves or hits another control instead of the correct one because the buttons that are supposed to go to the correct controls are off. I sent support a ticket for this, but I never received a response. So I gave it 3 stars.


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