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Hello, Guys welcome back to another post today i am going to tell you about newely released game that is Hello Neighbor 2 you have already seen in the thumbnail. I have also posted on Hello Neighbor please also check that post otherwise you will not able to understand about Hello Neighbor 2. Hello Neighbor 2 is similar to Hello Neighbor but the graphics, detaling and blueprints are enhanced.

Developer Information

Hello Neighbor 2 is by Netherlands-based Eerie Guest Studios (tinyBuild acquired the dev team earlier this year) and is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Developers- tiny build, dynamic pixels, hologryph, Eerie guest studios.
●Publisers- tiny build, gearbox software, gear box publishing
●Designer- Nikita Kolesnikov
●Engine- Unreal engine 4

Game Information

The hello neighbor 2 is stealth survival horror game developed by Russian studios. In this game there is uncle and our character or player is a journalist. The neighbor it means that uncle name is Theodore Peterson.

At the first time when we will open the game a journalist comes in his reporting van at night to record the video of uncle. Then we will see that uncle is kidnapping a boy and dragged him into his house. These all activity are recorded in journalist camera then the uncle saw the journalist capturing video then uncle brings shavle and broke down the window of reporting van and the journalist starts his van and suddenly a alian comes and crashed his van into a warehouse.

From warehouse our game begins. We have to first escape from the warehouse and we have enter in uncle’s house and we have to rescue all the kidnapped childrens from the basement. There are many secret doors and basements in uncle’s house.



●High graphics
●Easy control
●Silent sound quality

●Lag in low and device
●We can go only in selected house.
●We Cannot change our character.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10/11 x64.
  • DirectX: Version 12.
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM.
  • Processor: Intel i3 4th gen / AMD Athlon X4 880K.
  • Storage: 20 GB available space.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7850.
  • Additional Notes: HDD.


  • OS: Windows 7/10 x64.
  • DirectX: Version 12.
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM.
  • Processor: Intel i3 4th gen / AMD Athlon X4 880K.
  • Storage: 15 GB available space.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7850.
  • Additional Notes: HDD.

Release Date

Hello Neighbor 2 will be coming out on its release date December 6, 2022, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and the PC.


Hello Neighbor 2 game has been receiving update after update! They have now fixed the bug that didn’t allow you into free exploration mode! You can now mess around in the free roam mode!)

I quite liked this game. The story feels very interesting, especially if you’ve played the other games in the series. The game is also feels a lot more straightforward than the other Hello Neighbor games.

The Story Mode is definitely a highlight but it has been for me in pretty much every Hello Neighbor game. I am pretty much hooked on the story of these games and books. The plot is very interesting and I definitely recommend waiting to play this game until after you’ve played Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek. Those two games are pretty important to understand this game, especially Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek.

Although I liked Hello Neighbor’s plot, enjoyed every segment of the game (even Act 3) and really enjoyed how it followed Nicky’s journey to get over his trauma, the game’s plot would definitely fail to make sense to anyone who didn’t do some research to figure out exactly what’s going on as none of the Hello Neighbor games have any dialogue, despite the animated series and books having conversations. The game didn’t explain much and although Act 1 and Act 2 were pretty self explanatory, Act 3 and Finale wouldn’t make much sense without you looking for information outside of the game.

Hello Neighbor 2 improves this by making the game a lot less based on symbolism and a lot more straightforward, if you see something happen in this game, chances are it’s really happening and isn’t symbolism, there are nightmares that you have when you complete some nights but they are almost immediately revealed to be nightmares when you wake up after them.

Hello Neighbor 2 is also still being constantly updated. They’ve been releasing new content updates for a little bit now and so far each one has added something new and fun to the game! Patch 1 added paint cans and Patch 2 added bear traps! They respond to bug reports quite fast and get patches out the door along with new stuff to play with! If you want a game that is being updated by people who listen to their community, then this is certainly a good one!

Hello Neighbor 2 game got heavily criticized on launch for being extremely buggy but I didn’t run into any notable bugs in my playthrough. The only bugs I encountered were in the DLC, Back to School really only crashed once and although Late Fees is really buggy, Back to School and the Hello-copter more than make up for that. I did see that a lot of the bugs are platform specific so I guess the Steam version just isn’t as buggy as the other ones, especially after the newest updates. The point here is that the bugs aren’t as big of a deal as people are making them out to be, at least on Steam.

The game features an open world and it is definitely one of the best parts. There is a whole town with multiple different AI characters you can see and each of those AI characters have places that you can break and enter into. You can mess around with the AI and use things like paint buckets to pull little pranks on them. The world sadly doesn’t have citizens that walk down sidewalks and stuff which makes the world feel a lot less alive than I was hoping it would.

You can however hear people talking in the random houses that aren’t part of the story which does help with making the world feel a little more populated, it’s just a little weird that you’re the only one walking around the streets. The characters also never leave their respective buildings which is quite sad as I was hoping that the AI would have routines that would involve them going to different places around town, like the cops going to the bakery to pick up more donuts or something.

Speaking of the AI, the AI is certainly good, but as far as I can tell it isn’t the neural network system that was hyped up before release. I suppose I’m fine with it if they cut it due to not being able to finish it. I’d much rather get a less advanced AI than one the barely functions due to not being finished. I also hope that after patching all of the games major bugs, they begin working on finishing the neural network AI and implementing it into the game as I would really love to see how the AI gets better over time.

The AI still isn’t that bad and usually behaves like you’d expect it to. The AI can do cool things like sitting down by the fire, placing bear traps, sleeping and looking for shortcuts to get to you. The AI is pretty much the AI from the first game but with quite a few improvements added on. The AI is definitely cool, I just wish it was better because they got everyone excited for a much more advanced AI, and then couldn’t get it in the finished product.

The game also definitely isn’t finished, it’ll take you about four hours for the average first playthrough and $40-60 feels a little bit too expensive. However I’m not that angry about it because at the end of the game they say that they intend to come back and add more content in future major updates so I’m hopeful that there’ll be more and more added on to the story mode over time, or at least new DLC levels that add more stuff to do.

There is also a free roam mode that is unlocked after completing the story mode that allows you to just mess around with the people in the free roam world and that is definitely a good feature,Although it doesn’t seem like there’d be much to play around with as there are a total of five different people you encounter, it somehow still manages to keep me entertained for hours simply running from house to house messing around with the citizens of Raven Brooks.

You can explore the free roam world and interact with every AI powered NPC you encountered during the story mode. There are paint cans and alarm clocks you can use to play little pranks on the AI and the world is graphically amazing as wandering the streets at night and looking at the lights with bugs flying around them shining on the reflective water puddled street is beautiful. The fun in the free roam mode is always there as breaking into people’s houses and messing around with them will always be fun!

The main letdown right now is the lack of screen-time that the Guest gets. The Guest was hyped up as the scary antagonist for this game for a while in promotional material however he only gets about three seconds of screen-time in the intro cutscene. I sorta believe the Guest’s three seconds are there just so that it isn’t false advertising as the Guest literally appears nowhere else despite him being a really cool idea for an enemy and being a big presence in pretty much all pre-release builds except the demo.

I’m not super angry about this one either though because at the end of the game they say they’ll come back and add more stuff in major updates so I”m hoping that they’ll add some more story or a DLC where the Guest can finally get his chance to shine.

Overall I think this game is awesome. It makes the story way more straightforward which makes it way less complicated for people who just wanna enjoy a blind playthrough, however the story’s main plot points depend a lot on the player having played the other games in the franchise, so this game definitely isn’t intended for newcomers.

The free roam world is fun to mess around in, especially with the AI powered citizens living there. The game is lacking content, but the content that’s here is definitely high quality and there is more on the way! I think that you’ll have a good time with this game, especially if you’re already a fan of the series.

My Opinion

According to my opinion this is a very good game. To take more interest in this game we have to play all the series of this game. This game graphics are very enhanced compared to hello neighbor. Overall this is a very good game even kids can also play this game.

Download link for Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

Hello Neighbor: download it here!

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