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GTA 6 beta version for android (official)


As the next chapter in the colossal GTA series, GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) has been confirmed to be in development by Rockstar Games and has been leaked on September 18, 2022. Despite the lack of official information, we can make some educated guesses based on what we know so far.

Grand Theft Auto V was released 9 years ago, the longest wait between Grand Theft Auto games ever. There has been a lot of interest online about a possible release date for GTA 6, as well as any news, leaks, and rumors related to the game. Here’s our analysis of all the hints we were able to gather.

About GTA 6 on Android

About GTA series

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a series of action-adventure games created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. In the game you will get different-different missions which you need to complete in order to proceed to next level or you can just paly it without any mission as well.

About GTA 6

The official launch of GTA 6 for Windows, Linux etc. might take another year, and in the case of Android, it may take 2 to 3 years extra, but we came up with GTA 6 beta version which is developed by GameDS.

About Installation

To install GTA 6, you will be required GTA 6 apk and data .obb files, which will be motioned in this post. The apk file will install GTA 6 in your android and the data .obb file contains the data of gta6 which you will need to place under (android>obb>then the file).


The first time I heard that I could play GTA 6 on my Android phone, I was quite confused since most GTA 6 games are fake and contain some malicious applications, but here the game is totally fine and run smoothly. The graphics of the game is totally high-end means you will not feel that you are playing on android, but you will feel that you are playing on a high-end pc.


  • GTA 6 beta: download it here!
  • GTA 5 fan made: download it here!
  • GTA San Andres: upload soon!
  • GTA Vice City: download it here!

Steps to Install GTA 6 in android

In order to install GTA 6 on your Android you will need to download some files, which are “an apk file and the data file” of GTA 6.

There will be links to all of these files listed below, but you can also download them via our telegram group if the link is not mentioned. You will need a good internet connection, or you will need an application like IDM that allows you to pause, resume the download at any time. This file is pretty large, so make sure you have a good connection, or that you are using an app like IDM on your Android device.

  1. Keep your internet turned off while installing GTA5 in your android.
  2. Locate all the required files in your system first.
  3. Onces, you located all the files that you will found an apk Install it (the installation may take up to several minutes so be Passens.)
  4. Place the .obb file in Android/OBB/com.rockstargames.gtavc.

Then there will be a .obb file. Just copy it and paste it in Android/OBB/com.rockstargames.gtavc. When doing this, you may receive a pop up message telling you to replace the file or there might already be a file of the same name. In this case, you just need to click the replace button. Don’t worry, everything will work out…


That all after doing all these processes correctly you will be able to play GTA6 in android and also note that to experience smooth gameplay try to install it in a medium or high-end android and you shall enjoy the game.


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