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Gta 5 Terraform apk for android mobile (Free Download)

GTA 5 Terraform Developer Details

GTA 5 Terraform apk for android was developed by Terraform games. Thier are almost 5 to 6 version of this game, but this is the latest version, version 0.8.1,

Terraform games have also made some other GTA 5 version for example GTA 5 0.8.0 which was good. The main game of Terraform games group is to make user enjoy or comedown their excitement of game by playing their fan-made version.


I have played many GTA 5 android games for example beta version, fan made etc. but this GTA 5 Terraform is just awesome in graphics. I have been playing this Fan Made GTA 5 from past 8 months and I’m very happy to have Developers like You, but I want u guys improve some graphics and add some missions you can increase a bit of size of the game to 2GB for Graphics and including missions but over all my experience with the game is pretty nice.

The games size is 1.4GB which is pretty high but taking in mind of the graphic of the game this much size is fine. There are not many missions in this version of this game.

You will feel some lags in the games if you have installed it in a low-end android but other than that you there are much more features in the game like you can get-in, in any car. There are not much NPC in the game.


  1. Graphics: This fan-made version which is made by terraforms games does not contains must graphics, it just has a simple outline of the city.
  2. Vehicles: You can get into any car and can drive it, but there will not be many cars in the games as I already told you that it’s just have a basic outline of the city.
  3. Weapon: The game allows you to use weapons, which you can use to shoot anyone NPC or just bluest any car will it.
  4. Map: It does not allow to go outside the given city you have to play it inside an existing location.
  5. Gameplay: The games does not have any Online version which will allow to play you online with other peoples. You can just play a simple and already defined game.


  • Easy installation gta 5 download apk
  • Immersive gameplay in gta 5 download apk
  • High graphics
  • A deep and intricate story


  • Lags in low-end androids
  • Player can’t play online
  • Limited Missions
  • Limited controls
  • The game can be quite violent and may not be suitable for everyone


First of all, I want to let you know that to install GTA 5 terraform in your android you need to download some files in it and the files are “an apk file of GTA 5.

All the links of these files will be mentioned down but in a case the file link is not mentioned you can visit our telegram group to download the required files. The file will be pretty high mb so note that you have a good connection of internet, or you are using Idm like apps in your android which allows you to pause, resume the download from any point.

  1. Keep your internet turned off while installing GTA5 in your android.
  2. Locate all the required files in your system first.
  3. Onces, you located all the files that you will found an apk Install it (the installation may take up to several minutes so be Passens.)
  4. DONE!

Now the installation part is done try to launch GTA 5 Terraform and enjoy playing it. Rating of GTA 5 Terraform apk is 76 out of 100.

Some screenshots of gameplay


Here some of the frequently asked questions for the game!

GTA 5 Terraform apk doesn’t contains any type of mission.

Yes, in the latest version of GTA 5 Terraform apk whose download link I have provided below, allows you can drive any car you see.

As the game is not official GTA it downloads size and system requirements are low. To play GTA 5 Terraform apk smooth in your android you will be required 2GB of free storage and 4GB of ram.

No, it’s not an official release but it’s a fan-made version developed by a group called terraforms.

Yes, you can use guns in GTA 5 Terraform apk, and there will have some by default.


That all after doing all these processes correctly you will be able to play GTA 5 Terraform in android and also note that to experience smooth gameplay try to install it in a medium or high-end android and you shall enjoy the game.

GTA 5 Terraform apk download link #1
GTA 5 Terraform apk download link #2


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      1. There are two download links mentioned in the post, you can choose any one of them to download the game.
        Please read the post I have already described how to install the game.
        Let me know if you run into any problems during the installation process!

  1. Thanks for providing both a great article and a direct download link, it was extremely helpful and I learned a lot!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article, it was full of valuable information and the direct download link you provided was a huge plus. Thank you!

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