Gangstar Vegas mod apk Unlimited Money and Diamonds


Gangster Vegas mod apk is an open world simulation game, developed by Gameloft Montreal and published by Gameloft. Gangstar Vegas mod apk game is available for both Android and iOS with including (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) on June 7, 2013. (Seventh counting Gangstar City) installment in the Gangstar series; it is preceded by Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and succeeded by Gangstar: New Orleans. And also, it is a story mode game, and its story was end after the competition of the last mission.

Gangster Vegas was released by the name of ‘Gangstar Vegas-city of sins’. And also, the trailer was launched on 13June 2013 and in Play Store it was launches on 7 June 2013. It was launched for Android and iOS, and it was download at 1.8GB and the latest update version is 4.7.0 and it was launched in 18May 2022.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk An action-packed mixed martial arts thriller, Gangster Vegas takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The story is all about Jason Malone, a skilled mixed martial arts fighter who is targeted by Frank Veliano after winning a match. Despite its similarities to Grand Theft Auto games and third-person shooters, Gangstar Vegas provides its players with a level of control over their playing experience through its “open-world” gameplay.

It received mixed reviews when it was released, both from critics and players, who complained about laggy graphics, animations, and frequent updates. However, some players appreciated the music and the extensive use of three-dimensional (3D) graphics, a significant improvement over the previous main installment. Over 100 million times have been downloaded on Android and iOS, making it a commercial success as well.

However, when you play the game you will get the full GTA experience. The game gives you the freedom to do anything you want.

More Info about…

Gangster Vegas mod apk has over 50Million downloads and earned 4.3 rating in Play Store. And also it was starts are enough to prove that this game is very popular and it’s graphic was so clean and it was also good to play.


Gangter Vegas mod apk is an open world story that was based on action, adventure and shooting game. And also, it was realistic, and its graphic was clean and attractive. In this game we can travel by the foot or by the vehicle. And also, it was structurd to previous games in field like Grand Thieft Auto and the vegas city was in very big area.

Gangstar Vegas has its downtown, outskirts, mountains and deserts and highways with many people and traffic. And also, to the story of mode players can go to room around the city. Players can biy and shell properties in this game.

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Gangstar Vegas mod apk has over 80missions and there are many types of cars, bicycles, trucks and etc. to drive. And also, in PC and Laptop when you know the cheat Cord of this game then the new car is come, helicopters are come, sheep’s are come and etc.

Gangster Vegas has many casinos, video paper and slot machine and players can buy outfits, weapons and many attractive vehicles. And also if an player can keep in committing crime then its level was increase.

Review + Graphics

There are both on foot and by vehicle ways to traverse the game world and the graphical perspective can be panned. It is structured similarly to previous games in the series and by extension to its predecessors. Gangster Vegas graphics are really good, you will not get bored. The game comes under 1GB.

Also, several software updates were added to Gangstar Vegas after its initial release, which includs a Saints Row-like Gangstar vs. Aliens pack and a Christmas-themed update that added updated clothing and vehicles well a free-to-play version has been released, with microtransactions for bonus content. In addition to its frequent updating, some fans and critics complained about the lack of weapons, vehicles, and costumes, as well as the lagging graphics.

Features of Gangster Vegas

  1. The graphics
  2. Freedom to try something new
  3. Required less storage

My Opinion

My opinion will be straight Forword go and give the game a try and i am dam sure you will start enjoying the game and if you have played GTA and version no problem, then you will definitely find the game similar to that.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk contains unlimited money and diamonds which means you can purchase anything, but your money and diamonds will not decrease.

Download Gangter Vegas mod apk V5.9.0

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