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Today I am let you know about one of the best or best Shooting game available on the internet for mobile gamers which is Garena Free Fire. Unfortunately till now the game is not available for pc gamers but we will update you when it will be out.

Read It First, Play It Second


Free Fire is a battle royal game it is also known a Garena Free Fire because it is part of Garena Company. Free Fire was developed by the vietnamese game Company 111 dots studio and it was published by Garena.

It was launched for both android and ios. Garena had also told that they will also launch Free Fire for pc users till 2025. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 Free Fire was launched on 23 August 2017. In August 2021, Free Fire Set a record with over 150 million daily active users globally.

In 2021 during COVID-19 and lockdown Indian government declared Free Fire as a chinese game and banned it all over the India and till 2021 Free Fire had become a favourite Battle Royal game in India and after banning.
Free Fire Garena launched a new battle royal game and named it Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max is a graphically  enhanced Versions of free fire. It was released globally on 28 September 2021.

Owner of garena is Sea Ltd, Founder of garena is Forrest li, Headquaters of garena are located in Singapore it was founded on 2009, 13 years ago. we can say that Free Fire Max is the upgraded version of Free Fire. In Free Fire Max graphics were enhanced and the movement and the walking style is changed.

Garena logo

In game features,updates and items

For 1st time when we

will open free fire it will ask for login you can login using Google, facebook, apple or VK or you can also play free fire without login by creating a guest account, but the guest account will not remain for long time when you will update the game it will deleated.

For first time in free fire you will get two characters  named as primis and Nula. There are total 37 characters in free fire and free fire max. In free fire we can change avatar, Banner, pin and etc. There are different types of gun and gun skins and clothes some gun skin cloth and characters are free and some items we can purchase with Diamonds free fire also collab time to time with different celebrity free fire also bring different types of event some events are free and some with Diamonds free fire also give rewards with daily login in free fire we can also purchase Elite pass in just 499 diamonds.

Elite pass we get more items in less diamonds we also gets reward according to how many badges we have. In free fire there is several options such as a store, luck Royale, vault, weapons these options are present at left side at the right side settings invite, start, rank, season and many other. In free fire there are different types of modes such as ranked match, clash squad, clash squad ranked and lone wolf, training, Pet Mania, Bermuda, Kalahari purgatory, bomb squad, big head, Zombie mode and many others.

Login interface
All modes
Guns and gun skins
Avatar, Banner and pins
Elite pass
All EVO guns

System Requirements

System requirements for free fire.
•OS: Android 4.4
•CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz

System requirements for free fire max.
•OS: Android 4.1 or above

Free fire max ios system requirements.
•OS: ios 11.0 or above

My Point of View


Free fire is a very nice online Battle Royale multiplayer game but not play for a long time in a day otherwise it will addicted and other bad thing about this game is that it requires diamond top up for gun skins and event I will suggest you that don’t invest money only free fire and free fire Max. In this game you can also play 1v1 fight with your friend in custom mode and you can also learn how to play this game in training ground and practice you can just play for fun and entertainment.


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