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Elden Ring is a new game of 2022 and a vast game that was takes place an enormous world brimming of history and lore. Tiny Stories play out all around. The things we do in the game so we can also say thet Tarnished and told you something called Elden Lord.

And also ther are people we have to kill to do that and have to a fun. The reasons we are doing the things and are opaque, there is not a lot of information on the people we are fighting and it was extremely easy to miss the context of what is going on in the Elden Ring.


The guides comes in after playing the game for hundred hours, reading and watching a host of lore deep dives from various content creators and consulting and working with Game Spot’s and other Elden Ring. And also we have created complete guide what actually happens.

The story was chosen by Tarnished as we journey through the lands between face of demigods and try to understand th machinations of cosmic forces beyond your control. There was a lot of Elden Ring when we kill huge bosses.

And also you have to use your full sense on the Elden Ring game. Full of spoilers is also a worth nothing that stories of lands between interlock with one another. When we jump around articles that concern a specific section of the game.

When we sometimes reference discuss earlier parts it comes to the characters like Marika, Miquella , Godwyn and the Albimaurus. The lore and history of the lands between Part 1- Limgrave Part 2- Liurnia of the lakes Part 3- Carlos Part 4- Mt Geemir and Volcano Manor Part 5- Lyndell and Royal Capital Part 6- Moutaintops of the giant Part 7- Castle Sol and the consecrated snowfield Part 8- Miquella’s Haligtree Part 9- The Eternal Cities , Deeproat Depths and Mohg Part 10- Crumbling Farum Azula Part 11- Leyndell, Ashen Capital Part 12- Becoming Elden Lord.

This was a explanation of what happened before the start of Elden Ring. And who was the major personalities are who can play the character. The player TLDR. And also human woman named Marika was elevated to statue of the God queen by the distant and unknowable cosmic entity and continually screwed up in the world and increasing very awful.

God is missing there at no one is charge and monstersbwere running around and the bunch of the people are being mudered. And the whole place was stagnated. The greater will and the Guidance of Grace about Godrick the grafted a demigod who runs on the lands with horrific cruelty. Godrick and Claim were his Great Rune and the chunk is the magical Elden Ring.

The Great Runes was allowe to repair the Elden Ring and fix the world. The land between needs a new regional manager and we are applying for the job. And also Godrick is completely pathetic and bully who maims and murders the people to make himself better and check out our detailed look at the story and lore.

Godrick falls in the way through stormveil was cleared and allow you to venture north to NXT region of land between Liurnia of the lakes. The Elden Ring waits in the Rays Lucaria the Liurnia Academy of sorcery. The region was arich in the history thet relates to demigods who run on the among the Tarnished gets serious.

And also some fierce competition can be Elden Lord be careful to trust. In August 2022 tge action of RPG by Elden Ring at 16.6 million. Only two weeks this game was increases 12 million more in tge worldwide and his one million copies sell in Japan. Elden Ring have rating of 10/10 in IGN, 10/10 in Gamespot and Metacritic is 96% and also audience rating was 4.4 rating means 9800 ratings.

System Requirement

  • Requires about 64 bit processor and operating system
  • OS was Window 10
  • Processor was INTEL CORE 158400 or AMD RXZEX 333000X

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