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Counter Strike Source PC Game 2004 Overview

Counter Strike is a first-person computer game, played competitively and therefore falls under the category of eSports. The game is played five versus five best of 30 rounds with each round being one minute and 55 seconds long the first team to win 16 rounds wins the game.

One team plays as the attacking terrorist side on the other as the defending counter-terrorist side after 15 rounds played the team’s swap sides, you’ve been around as terrorist by either planting the bomb which then explodes or by eliminating the other team you went around as counter-terrorist by either eliminating the other team or disarming the bomb should it have been planted all in all counter-strike is an extremely entertaining spectator sport with global superstars just like any other sport.

Counter-Strike Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips for the original counter-strike. Before we begin, make sure you open up console. Input FPS underscore Max 101 to maximize your frame rates. You can also type rate 25,000 CL underscore update great 101 and CL underscore of CMD rate 101 to improve your performance.

When first jumping into a game most players will buy with the mouse. Avoid this habit right off the bat and start buying with the keyboard. Doing so, will speed up the process of getting your equipment and will help get you into position on the map faster.

Notice how fast I can purchase all the stuff I need for the round whilst using the keyboard instead of the mouse always buy armor before anything else because almost all weapons in the game can take out a player in one shot if they haven’t already purchased a helmet it’s worth noting that when most players want to move quickly into a position after the freeze time is up they pulled their knife this is a common mistake since running with a handgun is just as fast as running with your knife stick to the handgun most new players will undoubtedly feel very overwhelmed with the amount of different weapons in Counter Strike every gun in this game performs differently.

The truth is though there are only a handful of guns that most intermediate and advanced players will use on terror side you have the ak-47 the OP the desert eagle and occasionally the mp5 on counter-terrorist side you have the m4a1, the awesome, the desert eagle and once again occasionally the MPI’s moving on to aiming Amy encounter is extremely important and is imperative that weapons be fired in short bursts to use the ak-47 to its full advantage, the best way to fire is in twos strafe and then fire in twos again repeating this will make your shots accurate as well as make yourself still mobile while in a gunfight the m4a1 works a little differently it’s a bit weaker than the ak-47 and is best used when fired adverse of threes again firing a burst of threes and strafing left to right is your best bet.

When using this weapon if you happen to encounter an enemy at close distance another good strategy is to crouch down and spray while at the same time dragging your mouse downward to compensate for the heavy recoil by walking silently you can use sound to your advantage greatly when you’re the last one left up against multiple adversaries most of the time they won’t bother to walk themselves. This can give you the upper hand during that time so always take advantage of that always buy a high explosive grenade they’re good for a couple reasons one they can weaken a group of enemies that might be rushing and two.

They can flush out an already damaged enemy from areas where bolts aren’t feasible some players like to tap the control key when coming around corners this gives their player a slight pop which can make you hard to hit it also seems to balance your crosshair right onto the enemy making a quick split-second kill always attempt to shoot through walls always rifles sniper rifles machine guns and the desert eagle have.

The ability to shoot through thin and some thick materials so always take advantage of this if an enemy runs behind a wall or around anticipate. Where the player might be and continue to span that spot most of the time a few shots will make contact and you might even be able to be awful lucky headshot this might seem like a no-brainer but always aim for the head in counter-strike doing this eliminates any chance of your enemy ever returning fire and landing shots on you the quicker you can take out an enemy the faster you can move on to their teammates well that’s about all the basic tips I have.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Tested On Windows 64 Bit
  • CPU: 1.7GHz processor or faster.
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB

Password :

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