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Today I would like to say about one of the most realistic games which are played on mobiles as well as on PC.

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Call of Duty is realized in France and it started in 2003. It was a very beautiful game at that time. And also it covered World War ll. It was played in other countries also and people like this game. And also this game is work very nicely. In simple terms, we can say that Call of duty to Simple Call of Duty. There are many seasons in this game. In 2022 the season of this game is 8th. And also, there are 100 million peoples were like this game and play this game. The people also commented that the graphics of this game is very fantastic. The people also commented that please reduce the size of this game. And also, the people give this game (Call of Duty) 4.2-star rafting. But I would like to also say that this game looked very realistic. And also this game (Call of Duty) was downloaded at 2.3GB. The rate of this game (Call of Duty) is 16+.


The game, there are many Competitive Multiplayer. This game has also a code name that is MOH Killer. And also The people who play Call of Duty many didn’t know that this code name is MOH Killer Call of Duty is also hung on lower price mobiles but at a cheaper price, it works very smoothly and didn’t hang. This game was also played on computers and laptops well it works very good than mobiles because computers and laptops have big screens and didn’t hang as much as possible. In Call of Duty, there are a total of Seven different ranks. And also, these ranks such as Rookie Neteron, Legendary/Grandmaster, Máster that is Pro 1, Elite 1 and Veteran V that is Rookie V, Veterin III, IV is Rookie III, and Veterin III and IV is Rookie ll.

In this game, there are Moderno Warfare players who progress throughout 55 levels that are Call Military Ranks. And also they have Unlock Classes, Perks, Weapons, Scorestreaks, etc. The higher ranks of Call of Duty have many worldwide players such as Legendary Tier-6501+ points, Master Tier-4501to 6501 points, Pro Tier-3001to4500 points, Elite Tier-2001to3000 points, Veteran Tier-1001to2000 points, Rookie Tier-1to 1000 points. And also world’s BEST players of Call of Duty are the first number Lan 66 Porter. When he was 19 years old he earned over $546,000 in Call of Duty tournaments game. The second number is Seth Scump Abner. He was one of the most Electrifying Competirá in esports today. He followed Call of Duty with more than 1.3 million Twitch followers.

The third number is Chris Simp Lehr. When he was 20 years old he won the Call of Duty God MVP of the League. And also he earned millions of dollars in Call of Duty. The fourth number is Alex Arictys Sanderson. He was the worldwide champion of Call of Duty. In 2015, he won the highest levels of Call of Duty. The fourth number is James Clayster Eubanks. He was one of the oldest competitors in Call of Duty today. He was also famous in social media for Call of Duty. And also he was the most influential player in Call of Duty. The sixth number is Anthony Shotzzy Cuevas Castro. When he was 19 years old he became The wide champion in Call of Duty. And also he locked out millions of dollars in winning Call of Duty. The seventh number is Tyler aBeZy Barris. He was the iconic player having competition in Call of Duty in 2018. He earns $1millon money in Call of Duty.

The eighth number is MC Arthur Celluiom Jovel. When he was 20 years old he made more than $700K through Call of Duty tournaments and having a professional gamer since 2018. The ninth number is Dillion Attache Price. When he was 25 years old he has to have competition since 2013. And he also racked up almost $400K through Call of Duty Carrer. The tenth number is Austin Slash R Liddicoat. He started Call of Duty in 2013. And also certificates on world Championship players with more than $700K in winning Call of Duty. And also I would like to say that the first where we can earn money in Call of Duty is Rookie l. In 2003 the first Person Shooter Game developed by Infinity Ward. And also I prefer you to play this game (Call of Duty).


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